Save together

We’re better than the banks, the shark lenders, the credit card companies... because we use your most valuable asset: your social standing within your community.

Come as you are

It’s so simple. We’re a savings platform that connects you to your community and unlocks your potential as we turn real-world trust into real money to help reach your saving goals. Whatever you have is good enough for you to save with your trusted network.

Create a savings group

Decide on a savings goal. This is the amount each group member will receive when it’s their turn to be paid.

Choose a payment cycle

How often will members contribute towards the group’s savings goal? Contributions and happen at the same time.

Invite friends and family

Everyone contributes, and everyone gets paid.

Start saving

Have as many saving groups on the go as you like.

Better together

We believe people deserve the benefit of trust, because given the chance, they’ll always surprise you. We believe friends and family should look out for each other, because they remind us who we are, and know us better than any 'credit score' ever could.

We believe that together, we’re stronger.

We’re in development and will launch soon.