A modern twist on an ancient practice.

Elikya is a community savings app that helps people reach their financial goals faster.

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Our mission is built
around an age-old practice called a saving pools which academics refers to as ROSCA.

Or how most of us refer to it as Susu,Tanda,Cudina,chit funds, Tontine, Likelemba and much more depending on your pin locations. Your grandparents and parents probably did this before it was cool.

Our values

We strive to redefine the standard of excellence.

Someone gets paid every week.

Or bi-weekly … or every month. That is for you to decide! Our goal is simply to empower your tribe with a secure way to collect and disperse your resources.

Save together. Build together.

Working together builds trust and accountability. Unlike banks and credit card companies, who rely on financial models and (frankly) a system that doesn’t work for everyone, your honor and reputation are your most valuable assets.

Leasing Trust and Accountability

Who holds the money? How do I know they’ll pay? What if I pay and never get paid? Let Elikya take away some of the question marks. Whether family, friend or acquaintance, we ensure everyone is held accountable to their agreements.

Join the conversation #SavingIsTribal

More than a product, we are inspired by the conversations that stem from saving money, reaching goals and economic empowerment. You are invited to chime into the #savingistribal conversation on IG and Twitter at any time (even if you aren’t an Elikya user!), and Sign up for our Beta